Friday, May 31, 2013

Last day of school!

I can not believe that this school year is over. It flew by and now I officially have a 5th grader and a 2nd grader. Wow- that sounds crazy!!
Here is a comparison form the first day of school and this morning before they left for their last day.

They each got some awards this week. Cooper got an award for being his classes' Marvelous Mathematician. He loves Math and does so well in it. He also got one for Good Attendance--missing 3 or less days for the year. 1st grade actually has a ceremony they invite family to. It was so great to have Mammy, Omi and Opi there to watch Cooper get his awards. So proud of my Coops! He had a great 1st grade year!!

Coops and Mrs. Martin

Cooper and his buddy Collin

The 4th grade had a ceremony for just the students and teachers(otherwise the grandparents would have been there too). Colton got an award for AB Honor Roll for the year(he was a little disappointed because he had all A's and just 1 B for the year, he wanted All A's) and a Good Attendance award.  The other award he got was so awesome! He received the Integrity Character award. It is the only award that they just give one child per class for the whole year. So proud of my Colty! As a side note, he also did awesome on all three of his STAAR tests!!

Some 4th grade buddies at their end of the year party yesterday
They each had such a great year. They had awesome teachers, worked so hard, had so much fun and learned a lot!
We are sooooo ready for summer!!!!!


Veronika said...

Awww so cute. This school year flew by! Cooper looks taller! Have a great Summer with your boys :)

Kerry said...

Congrats to your handsome little men for their achievements this year! I certainly see a difference in their growth, it happens right before your eyes doesn't it!?
Enjoy your Summer break, have fun with them!!