Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Young Author's 2013

The boys have a fun event every year at their school--The Young Author's Celebration. Parents are invited to celebrate the kids writings. Each grade level does things their own way but they all do something special. In 1st grade, Cooper invited us to see how they compiled all the research he had done on an animal. He had chosen the Death Adder snake. He researched facts and  pictures and made a slide show. We were invited to see watch the slide show in his classroom. He did such a great job! His teacher was awesome and put it on a CD for us along with pictures of him throughout the year.

In 4th grade, Colton chose several writings he had done throughout the year to type and illustrate for a book to be bound and published. We were able to buy a copy of the book. We were invited to have him read to us in his classroom. His book turned out great! He did an awesome job!

Omi listening carefully

 Colton had written and invited the Superintendent, Andrew Kim, and he came to hear him read. =)

I always loved being invited up to the school to see some of the things my boys are doing. They go to a fabulous school and they work so hard everyday. Cody and I are so proud of them!!

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