Sunday, December 15, 2013

My Little Angel

My Carter was Gabriel in his preschool Christmas program. He had practiced his line over and over and knew the songs and movements really well. He was excited to be the only boy angel. Mine and Cody's parents came to watch with Cody and I. Carter lead the four year olds smiling down the isle and up onto the stage. 

The moment he got onto the stage and looked out at the large crowd full of parents with cameras aimed his way, he froze. Poor baby--you could see the fear come over him. With his sweet music teacher, Ms. Kathy's help, he did manage to say his very important line, "Jesus has been born" but he started to tear up after that.

 Cody and I tried to encourage him to sing and smile but slowly he began to shake. He really tried so hard to hold it together but then he started to really cry. His teacher whispered to me that I could go get him, so I did.  Even shaking with nerves and ending in my lap with tears rolling down his face, he was the cutest little angel I have ever seen!!

This was after it was over. We talked him into going back on stage to pose for pictures with his class.
Cute--even with a red, tear covered face. =) 
My poor baby had cried so hard--his eyes were so swollen! 

                                     He always makes me proud! Love this boy SO much! 


April said...

Aww...such a sweet angel! He was so brave to do his best to stay on the stage even though he was nervous!

Hillary said...

Sweet Carter! He's the best angel tears and all!! I get the exact same way being in front of a lot of people like that. What a brave boy for getting back up there!