Sunday, December 22, 2013

School Christmas parties

Once again the boys had fun Christmas parties at school.
First was Cooper's. His class had been doing a unit on Christmas around the world so they had a yummy meal with foods from all over the places they "visited".

Then his fabulous teacher, Mrs. Jeske, gave them a hand painted world ornament.

Cooper loves her! 
Then they had a book exchange. 

And hung out with their friends. Here is Coops with 3 of his good buddies. 

Then I headed to Colton's party. Since he is in 5th grade this is probably the last school Christmas party he will have. =( Sniff..Sniff. 
They had some snacks and made a cute craft with their fingerprints. 

Turned out cute!
Then they played a game where they had to use chopsticks to pick up marshmallows and put then in a cup. The one who put the most in their cup in a certain amount of time, won. Colton won the first round. =)

Notice his strategy. 
                                                   Then they did a book exchange.

Here he is with his fabulous teacher, Mrs. Sherrerd. 

It was s fun day and a great way to kick off our break!! 

Carter did have a party at preschool but parents don't come to theirs so I didn't get pictures. =( He had fun though!! 

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