Thursday, May 14, 2009

Kinder program

Colton had his kinder program tonight. The title was "Ready for Summer" and the songs were all fun and summer themed. Colton did so good! He got pretty into it. He said he was just a little nervous at first. We couldn't tell. He seemed to be having lots of fun. Cooper loved watching and clapping for his "Bubba". I cannot believe we are at the end of his kindergarten year. Whoever told me that time goes faster once you have kids in school was so right. This year has flown by. We are so proud of our almost 1st grader. Here are a few pictures from the cute show. The one of us four shows you just how huge Carter has gotten...okay and the rest of me too. =)


Anonymous said...

Love the pictures. Colton looks
like the coolest dude there.
I just can't wait until Carter
arrives. Kisses for Colton & Coop!

Aunt Pam

Lynn said...

Very cute! I can't believe in a couple weeks we will have first graders. Eek!! Love ya!