Thursday, May 28, 2009

Light Duty

Okay. So today was my 35 week checkup for Carter. I have not been feeling too fabulous lately and have had tons of cramping and possible contractions. I am dilated to 1cm and 50% effaced. He is verrrry far down and right up against my pelvic bone....not comfortable. She says that area is definitely getting ready for labor. She started the much needed lecture..."you have got to take it easy...get lots of rest....let others help you out...don't run errands with the boys...stay out of the heat...this baby needs at least another two weeks. He needs to stay in there. " I do know these things but it is so hard to hear. Yes- I teared up. I am not a fan of asking for help or sending my boys to do things without me. Those who know me well, know that I have lots of plans for the boys and I right up until Carter's due date. Ha! Not gonna happen exactly as planned. I know... I know-- it is okay. And Carter does deserve that very important time in my cozy and very large tummy. As much as I want to meet him, kiss him and hug him, he must stay put a little while longer. So as Cody calls it- I am on light duty.

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Texas Mom said...

Perfect timing! My last day of school is today! PLEASE let me help you out. I would be honored since you don't normally accept help. Just think, this is an opportunity for you to get used to others helping! Keep me posted!