Friday, January 18, 2013

Colton's birthday day

We started Colton's actual birthday with our traditional pancake breakfast.

Then he opened a few gifts before he headed to school. 

Then I brought him lunch and a Krispy Kreme Doughnut cake to share with his classmates. 

We have been wanting to get Colton a desk for his room so my parents, in laws and Cody and I went in together to get him a nice one. He came home from school and it was set up. He was pretty excited. 

That evening our immediate families(13 adults and 10 cousins) came over for pizza and cupcakes. The kids had so much fun! I think the birthday boy had a great day and I think I got what I wanted...for my big 10 year old to feel special and loved! 

Landon, Colton and Graham--Cousins but also Best friends!

We gave Colton a choice. He could have a big party for his school friends somewhere around town(the weather is so iffy so we usually go somewhere with indoor fun) or we could go on a weekend getaway to celebrate the double digits. He chose the weekend getaway. So tomorrow, once he and Cooper are counted present at school, we will head to Great Wolf Lodge. He loves that place and he is so excited. We all are!  


Angie said...

He's so handsome! Glad he had a wonderful birthday. I totally don't blame him, I would have chosen the Wolf Lodge too. Even I at 35 think that place rocks. Hope you all have a blast!!

Brandi said...

That donut cake is awesome!!! Did KK make it or did you? LOVE it!!!!

Laurie said...

Melanie- Thank you! It came from Camden Arkansas....The Perfect Cup. They have a facebook page and they can ship things I am pretty sure!