Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Happy Birthday Colton!

 Warning! Lots of bragging on my boy in this post...

My first baby turns 10 today!! I can hardly believe it. Double digits! That is big!

I can't say enough about my Colton. He is such an amazing son!

He works so hard in 4th grade. So far this year he has made all As and one B. He is so sweet and loving to me. I love that he is still happy to give me big hugs and kisses no mater where we are. Lately, he is so eager to help Cody and get to do some jobs that he couldn't help with before(like hanging outside Christmas lights). He is like a second Daddy to Carter-always worrying about him, consoling him, loving on him, encouraging him and sometimes correcting him. =) Their bond is super strong. With Cooper he definitely  plays the older brother role. He gets irritated and they argue but he will defend and protect him to anyone. They are arguing one minute and best friends the next. Colton's conscience still works overtime and he worries about everything. But his faith in God runs deep and it is not uncommon to catch him praying in the most random times. He is still a fearless thrill seeker and loves the adrenaline rush that comes with a new challenge. He is a leader and a really good friend to have. I love that he talks to Cody and I about everything and I hope he will always come to us with the big and small things. He is so witty and funny, smart and kind. He is still an impressive artist, a stellar reader, a quick mathematician and is becoming a great writer. He is really maturing and I just love to talk to him. Most of all he is a JOY to be around and he is making Cody and I proud of him everyday! 

I love you Colton Wyatt! Happy 10th Birthday! 


Hillary said...

Happy Birthday sweet boy! We all love you soo much!!


Natalie said...

Awww happy birthday Colton! What a great son you have :)