Sunday, September 1, 2013

Bye, bye Minivan

Until last week, I drove a Honda Odyssey. We got it right before we had Carter.
She was good to us as we adjusted to life with three kids. ;)
Yes- I was a minivan Mama and I loved it!! It was so comfortable and practical.The doors sliding open at the push of a button was dreamy. I wasn't ready to get rid of it but it was starting to have some issues so the hubby thought the sooner the better. 
I was all about getting another Odyssey and Cody was fine with that. But when we thought about how we couldn't ever pull a boat or trailer with it, we decided to get a bigger car that sits higher off the ground. 

That leads me to my new car(well new to me, it is a 2010). It is a Royal Red Expedition EL. Which means it is the extended length--so extra cargo space. I do love driving it and it is so nice for our family. It has everything we need and more. The only hard thing is adjusting to the doors that open out again. The boys have actually sat and waited for me to push the button and open the door a few times. Those sliders really spoiled us. =) But we are loving our new ride!

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Kerry said...

Your new car looks great (and huge!) and I hope you have just as much fun in it as a family, even without the sliding doors ;)