Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Meet Ollie

Well, we got a cat. The boys have been begging for one for a while. We have had many people offer us a kitten. Cody and I have consistently agreed, " no thanks!"  But recently, our friend Matt said he had this cat that was so different and neat. A bobtail, two different colored eyes, extra toes on his feet and so sweet. Cody and I decided to surprise the boys. We were a little surprised when instead of a cat, we got a kitten. A very small kitten. One that can't yet be set free outside. Yikes! I did not want an inside cat but our little kitty will have to live inside until it can survive outside.
Anyway, he is VERY cute and VERY sweet. My boys are VERY much in love with him. Without further ado...here is Oliver Fluffington Mueller aka Ollie.

Okay, I will admit. I love him too! =) 


Amanda M. said...

What a sweet little face!! My kids have been bugging me for a little brother.....I'm thinking a kitten might be better! lol

Angie said...

He's adorable! We have a kitten too. I wouldn't allow it in the house so Hubby lets the kids keep it out in our garage.