Saturday, September 28, 2013

Western Day

In our school district, our kiddos are lucky enough to get a day off for our County Fair. The day before that is always Western Day at school. Kids are encouraged to dress up in their western clothes. Although, that is a pretty common attire for my boys, they rarely dress like that for school. (too hard with having to bring tennis shoes for P.E. and keeping shirts tucked in, etc.) Carter even had western day at his preschool. Here are my handsome cowboys in their getup...

Love them so!!!

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April said...

Very cute! I have a random/weird question to ask. Maybe you could answer in email if you get time. Since you have 3 boys I thought I might could ask you. Jonah is doing great potty-training but has a hard time sometimes with getting his undies pulled up by the waistband. Did you have that issue with any of your boys? I was thinking of switching undies brand or types to see if that helped. Any advice would be appreciated!