Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Carter's First Day

Today was Carter's first day back to preschool. He is going to our church preschool again this year still just two days a week. He was ready and pretty excited to go this morning.
My big 4 year old! 

I adore this face!

Silly boy! 

He got two great teachers---Ms. Molly and Ms.Sandra. He loved them and had a great first day! 

How cute is this bulletin board?
It is gonna be a wonderful year!!

On a side note: I started working at our church preschool this year. I am in the baby class so I will be taking care of babies ages 6-12 months. It just be two days a week also so Carter and I will be there together. I figured since I love the place and the people and Carter is there anyway, I would give it a try. Today was a good day--busy but good!

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Kerry said...

Good on you for working two days a week at the church, you are going to get baby fever you know that right? ;)
Look at your handsome little man, I hope he has a wonderful year at preschool, I am sure having you near by will make him very happy too!
Did you write on that chalkboard? That is some seriously neat writing!! xoxo