Sunday, September 8, 2013

Happy Grandparents Day!

My boys have the World's BEST grandparents! I just cannot imagine our lives without them! We had health scares with both of our dads this year and I am beyond grateful that they are still with us and doing so well! Mammy, Papa, Omi and Opi are always there for us and my boys love spending time with them. Their love for their grand kids is unconditional and obvious! We are so lucky to have them!!! 

Friday, grandparents were invited to the elementary school to have breakfast with their grandchildren and tour the school, complete with a stop into their classrooms. Mammy and Omi were able to go do this. It meant the world to the boys! 
Mammy and my big boys

Omi with four of her grandsons

Luckily, we still have Cody's grandmother with us. We love our Nana!! 

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April said...

What a sweet post and reminds me that I need to get more pictures of my kids with their grandparents. I hardly have any!!