Friday, September 2, 2011

Carter met his teachers

Last night was meet the teacher night for Carter. He will be going to  Kids Kare at our church on Tuesday and Thursday starting next week. I am not really ready for him to go but the big boys started preschool when they were two so I guess it is his turn. =) I really want to be able to help Colton and Cooper's teachers so this will allow me time to do that. Besides, I know it will be good for him. I figured with the preschool being at our church, Carter would have no problems since he is already comfortable there.
Well, when we went last night, he was not sure what to think. He was worried about me leaving and kept saying " I hold you". (My favorite thing he says right now btw) He even had some big tears roll down his sweet, chubby cheeks. It was more heart wrenching because he did this silently like he was trying to be a big boy. Anyway, after I assured him that I wasn't leaving, he played and enjoyed his little classroom. His teachers seem wonderful and I know it will be good for all of us.

  I guess my hesitation comes from the fact that he is my last baby and I really feel very lost when I don't have a least one little guy with me. Everyone assures me that I will fill the time in a hurry and enjoy it. I am sure they are right.

He is so funny! I told him that we could go after I took some pictures and he put himself  right here and gave me a smile.
 Oh this baby makes me so happy!!  Hope Tuesday goes well when I drop him off!! Say a little prayer for us! =)


Veronika said...

Ohhh he is so cute!! Hope it all goes well Tuesday :)

Hillary said...

Carter is just soo adorable! I'm sure he'll do just great starting school on Tuesday. Aunt Hillary will be saying tons of prayers for both of you! :)


KERRY said...

Awww how cute is your little man! He will love his new class, although you will miss each other there is so much fun to be had :)
But I totally understand when he is your last little one venturing into the's hard :(