Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I spoke too soon

Well, Carter was better yesterday when I posted but Cooper got off the bus saying his stomach hurt. He was okay off and on and then wanted to go dove hunting with Cody. They went but were back really quick. Cooper had sat in a chair and never moved and never even picked up his BB gun to shoot any doves. If you know Cooper, than you know he had to feel bad to miss that excitement. Anyway, they were home a few minutes and Cooper then was throwing up and spending lots of time on the potty(you know what that means). Poor guy. Then about an hour later Cody started with both problems. He threw up all night long. Today was okay. Cooper was much better and Cody was improving but then Colton got off the bus with a stomachache. Sure enough he has been throwing up all evening. To top it off, Carter started having major diarrhea and threw up again tonight. Seriously?! I think it is a minor miracle that I have avoided it so far, especially since I am the one cleaning up after everybody.
I snapped these pictures about 7:00pm this evening. Both Colton and Cody were sacked out...poor guys!

This next one shows only part of the pile of laundry that I will be attempting to catch up on. I am so busy doing the sheets, pillow cases and blankets, that I can't make a dent in the actual clothes. =) Oh well.

 I am crossing my fingers this bug promptly leaves our house before I can get it. I am sure hoping all my boys feel 100% soon. Nothing worse than having your babies or hubby sick!


KERRY said...

Get better soon Mueller family!! X

Hillary said...

I hope yall start feeling better soon! Spray yourself down with Lysol regularly! :)