Sunday, September 18, 2011

Everyone is eating solids

;) Yay!! The nasty stomach bug that invaded our house seems to have moved on. By some tiny miracle, I never got it. No more liquid diets around here. Everyone is back to normal!!! =)
Our weekend has been pretty low key and that works for us. We spent Friday evening just hanging out. Then on Saturday, my mom and I did make a quick trip to the outlet mall  so I could get my boys a few fall shirts and my mom could do a little shopping. Then my Dad, Cody and the boys met up with us and we headed to Cabela's-my hubby's favorite store. The boys love to roam around there and check out all of the animals, the aquarium and the the shooting range game they have.(I didn't have my camera so, I have no pictures) Today, we went to church and then got a few things at the grocery store. This evening we are having dinner with my parents and my brother's family. Fish fry---yum!
Well, I will leave you with a cute lazy Saturday picture...


rumpydog said...

How sweet! I'm glad everyone is feeling better. Nice to find your blog!

April Westerhold said...

Glad the babies are feeling better!