Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Today is a much better day

Yesterday, we needed all of this to get through our day.

My poor baby started to get sick on Sunday. He threw up at lunch and then spent the day pretty mellow and not himself, then he took a really long nap. That evening he had a bad diaper and so I was thinking a stomach bug or strep. ( Since sometimes strep will show up with a few stomach issues.) He woke up yesterday morning with a low grade temp and threw up everywhere. So my instinct was strep. After giving him a good bath and making a call to the Dr, we had a mid morning appointment. We left the Dr's office with a prescription for strep and an ear infection. She also thought that the stomach issues were not from strep but from a stomach bug. Apparently both things were going around.(building preschool immunities maybe?) My poor baby!! I spent the afternoon changing lots of diapers, washing sheets, Lysoling and cuddling my baby every chance I got. He spent his afternoon, being changed, cuddled, moaning occasionally and watching " Monkey--George" (Curious George)--his favorite show at the moment.
But today is a new day. He is feeling much better and although he still wants to watch "monkey George", he is almost back to himself. I have gotten a lot of these sweet grins so far today!!

Much Better!!!!


April Westerhold said...

Ugh, I am so not ready for all of the sicknesses to start again. Glad he is feeling better and you got some snuggle time.


Amy Harlien said...

bless your heart...and his sweet heart!! glad today was better!

Brandi said...

Is it already that tme of year for sickness!!! UGH!! Glad your baby is feeling better!!!

Hillary said...

I'm so glad that your sweet boy is feeling better! I'm praying that all your lysoling will prevent the other two from getting that nasty stuff too!

Veronika said...

Hope he is back to 100% soon :)