Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Merry Christmas

We had a wonderful Christmas! Santa and our families were so good to us! 

Yes! An iPod touch! 

I love that he was so happy to get this book. It is a sequel to a book he had just finished reading. 

Working hard to get this unwrapped. =)

Carter got the Imaginext castle, the ogre and several knights for the castle.  He also got a Lightening McQueen Hawk,  bath toys, play capes, Gak and a Find it game. 

Colton got his Skylander Giants game/starter kit, several giants, a case for them, the Johnny Skull game, Gak, a new iTouch case, a book, and a movie. 

Cooper got his iTouch, a case for it, a target game, a puzzle, Gak, a boxing set, a game and a hunting playset. 

We made sure to have the traditional birthday pancake breakfast for Jesus. We sang and blew out candles. 

Have to mention this because I thought it was so cute. I made the pancakes with red and green chocolate chips and Carter was so excited because his pancakes had "polka dots." Three is such a fun age!
Not the best picture but had to post it. 

After breakfast we were able to let the boys open everything and play. We hung around, played and napped. Then we headed to my mom's for a yummy Christmas dinner(thanks Mama) and lots of awesome gifts!! 
We celebrated with Cody's parents a few days later. We had a fun dinner at Bonzai and then opened lots of awesome gifts there too!! As always, all five of us were spoiled!! 
Most of all, we were able to celebrate Jesus' birth with those that we love most. We are truly blessed!!!


Hillary said...

We loved celebrating with ya'll! Christmas Eve was so much fun(did I remember to say thank you as we carried a screaming Grady out??? :). Also Bonzai was one of the funnest Christmas times!

Lots of love to you xoxox

Angie said...

What a wonderful Christmas. Looks like the boys got all kinds of goodies!

Brandi said...

FUN!!!! Love the boys' cute!!! And your tree is beautiful! I already took mine down...sad!!!!!! Happy New Year!!