Thursday, December 13, 2012

Carter's Christmas Program

Carter had his program at school this week and it was adorable! His 3 year old class sang two songs. He was so funny! He barely sang a word BUT he looked so cute just smiling away. He kept smiling at me and watching me the whole time. There were a few motions he did and a few words he sang but for the most part he just flashed his precious grin! Love this age!
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This little girl next to Carter is in his class and everyone talks about how they looks like siblings. =)

Doing a few motions

 The cutest Mary and Joseph

Thanks for coming!!! 


April Westerhold said...

He looks so precious. You can tell that he was so happy that you were there!

Hillary said...

Oh my goodness! He is soo cute!! Love that sweet, precious smile of his :).


April said...

That is so sweet! He looks very handsome with his dress shirt tucked in. :)