Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Eve

Tonight was a great service at church. Not only did we sing beautiful songs and hear a great message but there was a fun little surprise to change things up a bit. During the children's sermon the kids shook maracas and then a mariachi band came out playing " Feliz Navidad." So fun! Of course, my favorite part is always when we light the candles and sing Silent Night. It is so beautiful to see the sanctuary glowing with candlelight and the whole congregation focusing on the most important reason we celebrate! Jesus' birth!  Carter really loved holding the candle. He took it very seriously.=)
Love this picture of Carter and my Dad. Papa sure loves his grandkids. 

After church, our immediate families came here for a wonderful dinner--tamales, Elk chili and lots of other goodies. The kids love running around with their cousins all full of Christmas Eve energy going full throttle. =) I just love having everyone here together. Amid the chaos, I felt immensely BLESSED!

Here are my boys with Cody's Nana. She has heart problems and hasn't been feeling well lately so I am so glad she  was able to spend the evening with us. 

Once everyone headed home, my boys got their jammies on and we sprinkled the reindeer food on the lawn.

Then we set out Santa's milk and cookies and some cheese for Santa Mouse(a cute book Cooper's teacher read him). With that ready, we got in bed and did the "What God Wants for Christmas" activity. Then everyone got tucked in so they could dream of what tomorrow will bring.
Santa came!!!

Sweet dreams to you all! Merry Christmas! 

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Angie said...

I love all their matching clothes! Just too cute.

I wanted to do reindeer food for my kids this year but we just ran out of time. Maybe next year!

Elk Chili? Is it really made from Elk?