Wednesday, December 14, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Happy Wednesday! Time for...

This Wednesday I decided to share some things I love doing with my kiddos at Christmastime. 

First of all, I love this kids Nativity activity called "What God Wants for Christmas". It comes with a book that takes you through the story of Christmas in a kid friendly way. It comes with 7 boxes for the kids to open as you go through the story. In each box there is a piece to a small nativity scene. It even has a small, simple manger area to place the pieces on. The last box is the big is a mirror. The book explains that he wants you... to know him, trust in him and love him! Love this!! My boys love the process of reading the story and setting up the nativity. We do this several times in December but always the night of Christmas Eve. 

Next, I love It is a website where you can go and set up a live call with Santa. You schedule the day and time and fill in lots of information on your kiddos for Santa to talk to them about. It is so fun to put little bits of information that kids are so surprised that Santa knows. You can update up to 24 hours before your call. Another great thing is that you can order a recording of the call. I have done this for the past 4 years and I tear up when I play our past recording and hear Colton singing Jingle Bells to Santa at age 3 years old. The recording come in a ornament to put on the tree. 

I love the Elf on the Shelf. In case you haven't seen this, it is a little Elf that comes with a cute book(you can get it most bookstores, Target and Walmart too.) The book tells you the story of the Elf on the Shelf and how he is magic. His job is to watch the kids throughout the day and fly to Santa to give a report each night. So each morning the kids have to find the new spot shows up in. We named our elf Jingleman and my boys love to search for him each day. Here are some of the places Jingleman has been hanging out. =)

 I love books in general but I especially love Christmas books. I have two baskets full of Christmas books set out for my boys. One of my favorites is "God Gave Us Christmas." It is a great story!

 It is so sweet and there are several others that we like..."God Gave Us You"
 and "God Gave Us Two".

I love that we sponsor a child through Compassion International--Juan Carlos. We like to  send him letters, pictures, a gift(can only be monetary) and our Christmas card. It is awesome to get his letter after Christmas that tells us what he was able to do with the gift we sent. I love including my boys in this. It is very humbling for us all.
This is Juan. Isn't he precious?!
We love Christmas movies around here. Some of our favorites are Polar Express, The Santa Clause 1, 2 and 3, and The Grinch that Stole Christmas. We recently went to see Arthur Christmas and it was super cute and had a good message too.

Okay, that is all for now. Hope you are all enjoying the last few weeks before Christmas! My boys are counting down the days! So excited that they get our for the two week break on Friday!! 

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April Westerhold said...

Love the nativity idea. I've never heard or seen that before. I am going to check in to that Santa phone call. That would be so cool for the kids. Love seeing your traditions!

Kristen said...

So that's what Elf on the Shelf is about. lol

And the nativity book is so cute, such a good idea!

Elizabeth said...

I love that nativity book. That is way cute! Where ever did you get it?

I love Christmas movies too! I can't get enough of them!

Andrea said...

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and taking the time to comment! So glad you did so I could find your blog. You must be so busy with 3 boys, I can't even imagine. I love the nativity book, I will have to look that up for sure! Hope you have a great day!

BeckyJo606 said...

I've never heard of the Santa phone call before! So so precious! And, I am so thankful for people like you and others who help support children through Compassion and other groups. It seriously changes people's lives! We support three little kids in Kenya. :)