Thursday, December 8, 2011

A field trip and a Christmas program

Today was a fun day!! Cooper had his first field trip. It was at the Children's Museum and he had a great time! I was able to be there to follow him around and enjoyed snapping some pictures of him.

I had to leave a little bit early to make it to see Carter's preschool Christmas program, "Happy Birthday Jesus!" It was adorable! Carter's class of two year olds sang two cute songs. My little man was so funny! He sang a little, jumped up to come get me a little, stood up and looked around a little and did a few precious little motions. Of course, I teared up a little. =)  The bigger kids did such a great job with the sweet program and wonderful message.

Here is my favorite picture...we were saying a prayer!

When Carter and I left the program, we picked up lunch for my big boys and raced back to the school to eat with them. They were surprised and happy to see us! Such a fun and busy day!
I love being a Mama and I feel so lucky that I am able to be everywhere they want me to be!!!

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