Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas 2011 recap

We had a wonderful Christmas! Our boys were up pretty early, Colton first around 6:50, Cooper followed about 7:30 and Carter around 7:45. Then the opening began and they were all thrilled with their gifts.

Carter got a kitchen because he loves to cook for me. He also got  lots of Toy Story toys
because he loves Woody and Buzz. 

Cooper got the electric scooter he was hoping for, the mohawk helmet , some games, a rc four wheeler and some other fun but random things. 

Colton got the ITouch he wanted, an Angry Birds case and an Itunes gift card for it. He also got some
dragon toys, a game, and rc car and some other random and fun stuff.
My hubby and boys gave me the stackable birthstone rings from James Avery. I LOVE them and have been talking about them for a while.
My boys are January(Garnet), April(diamond) and June(Alexandrite) birthdays.  Love rings that stack!
 We got Cody a camo jacket he wanted. (It is always about hunting for him.)

After we opened the presents we had our traditional pancake birthday breakfast and sang Happy Birthday to Jesus. Then it was so nice because we got to just hang out at home, relax and nap. We headed to my mom and dad's house around 4 and we were all spoiled some more. (somehow-my camera never got used there-grrrrr.) The boys got lots of great stuff! Colton's favorites were his Skylanders Wii set and the rc rat. Cooper's favorite was his electric guitar. Carter's favorite was dancing Mickey/guitar and his shopping cart. My hubby and I were spoiled too with gift cards, Pandora charms(for me), perfume/cologne, hunting gear(for him) and some other fun stuff. 

On Monday night, we went and got spoiled yet again at Cody's parents.The boys got lots of fun stuff but Cooper's favorite item was his DS, Colton's favorite was a TV/DVD player for his room and Carter's was his Learn through Music toy. Cody and I got some great stuff cards and an Ipad.(No pictures here either--shame on me) 

It was another year of eating too much delicious food, celebrating with the people we love and remembering the real reason for the season!

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April Westerhold said...

Love the pics. Your tree look great! You'll have to show pics of your ring!