Thursday, December 22, 2011

Bass Pro Shop

The boys and I spent the morning at Bass Pro Shops with my mil, sil Hillary and three of my nephews. The boys love that store. It is one of those places that you can piddle through and spend so much time just walking around. My boys enjoy looking at the animals and checking out all the fun stuff they have for sale. During the holidays they have some fun activities too. We only did a few  because it was kind of crowded but we enjoyed what we did. They have a wildlife carousel that is adorable!

 Colton and Cooper played a duck hunting game and really liked it. I love the look of concentration they both had on their faces.

Here are my three monkeys posing in front of the monkeys ;)

A few more monkeys in this next nephews Graham and Grady. =)

 In this last one, they were all checking out the fish.
It was fun way to spend a morning with some of our favorite people.


Hillary said...

We had such a great time with you guys!


April Westerhold said...

If I didn't know better, I would have sworn you were in St. Louis! That is exactly how our Bass Pro looked, too. All of my kids loved that duck hunting game. I tried it, too, and it was pretty fun!