Thursday, December 22, 2011

Fabulous ladies

My mom and I, my Aunt Janet and her daughter Kym and my Aunt Pam and her daughter Shannon, all went to dinner the other night. It has been forever since we did this and it was long overdue. We had such a great time!! We ate at The Melting Pot(a fondue restaurant) which I had never been to but had been wanting to get to for a while now. It was a fun experience and the food was pretty good too. My favorite was of course the dessert course. Nothing better than dipping sweets in chocolate! We laughed so much and had a few conversations that caused a few tears to be shed. Mostly we laughed though! I am so glad we made it a point to get together even though we are all so busy right now. I certainly hope we can make it a more regular thing!! I sure love these fabulous and fun ladies!

1st Cousins
Kym, Shannon and I

My Mama and I--my favorite lady!!

My Aunt Pam and Shannon

My Aunt Janet and Kym


See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil
Fun Ladies!!

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April Westerhold said...

Love the Melting Pot. Glad you got to have a girls night!