Thursday, December 29, 2011

Our day at Sea World

We are at the end of Christmas break so we are squeezing in all the holiday fun we can. Today we headed to Sea World and had so much fun! The crowds were not bad and the park looked so pretty all decked out for Christmas. My mil brought my nephew Graham which of course made my boys so happy.
Colton, Graham and Cooper skipping through the park =)

We also met my sil Stacy, her soon to be step daughter Kendall and a few of Stacy's friends. A fun little group! Sea World didn't open til noon. I was worried that we may now be able to stay long since Carter would be missing his nap, but he was such a trooper all day. We were able to stay until 7:15. We were all exhausted by the time we left but we had a great day!
We started with seeing the Sesame Street Christmas show...the big boys were sweet and sat through this for Carter. Carter loved it. He got really excited over Cookie Monster.

We also saw the Shamu Christmas...Miracles show. They all loved it. I have to say that it is pretty amazing that such a huge animal can flip itself in the air like that! Awesome!!

Colton and Graham were tall enough to ride a big roller coaster called the Steel Eel and they loved it! Omi took Carter and Cooper to the carnival game area so they could have fun while we rode it.

This is one of the big drops on the coaster. 

We went through the Penguin Encounter. The kids loved watching the penguins swim and interact with each other. They are funny little creatures...the penguins and the kids. ;)
Cooper, Carter, Colton, Graham and Kendall watching the penguins

My sweet boys

Then we saw Clyde and Seamore's Countdown to Christmas show. It was so cute!! Everyone loved it!

When the show ended, we went to get a closer look at the sea lions and seals.
There was an super nice expert walking around to answer questions(which my boys had), and we discovered that he had a lot in common with Colton. His name was also Colton, he has two brothers who also have names that start with C and his Dad's name is Cody too. Crazy=) Of course, we had to get a quick picture with him...

After that, we watched the 4D Polar Express Experience. We love that movie and the boys enjoyed the show!

Before we left, we stopped off to see the Dolphins and the Sharks.
Graham, Colton, Cooper and Carter watching the dolphins and trying to "talk" to them.

Inside the Coral reef area

I told them to act like the sharks were gonna get them and this is what I got. Too funny!!
As it started to get dark the park looked so pretty all lit up. We snapped this picture on our way out...

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Veronika said...

Looks like a lot of fun! It was such a great day out yesterday for Sea World too! I was wanting to take the boys to see all of the lights but we haven't gone :(