Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas parties

The boys had their Christmas parties on Friday and I was lucky enough to be able to help with both. (Thanks Mama for keeping Carter so I could be there. He loved his day with you.)
Cooper's party was first. They started in the morning and had stations set up. He made a picture frame(that is where I helped), reindeer food, finger painted an ornament, played Christmas bingo and had homemade donuts. He got to wear his jammies and they watched Polar Express that afternoon.

His teacher, Mrs. Miller, gave each of her students a Christmas book. So sweet!

Mrs. Miller--We LOVE her!!
I had about 45 mins until I need to help set up for  Colton's pizza party so I ran and got Cooper some Whataburger for lunch. He was pretty happy about that. =)
Me and my big kindergartner
Coops and his buddy Bobby
Then it was off to Colton's party. They had pizza, decorated sugar cookies, played pin the nose on Rudolph and had a book exchange. 

Pinning the nose on Rudolph
Harder than he thought. =)
 For the book exchange, his teacher read a short story with lots of "rights and lefts" in it. The boys stood in a circle(the girls had their own circle) and passed the book to to the direction they heard as the story was  being read. They got to open the one they were holding when the story was over. It was a fun way to do an exchange.

His gift 
Colton with his wonderful homeroom teacher Mrs. Cannon
Me and my big third grader

I had so much fun being there for their parties! I love that are both still so happy to have me there. (I dread the day that that changes.) We are soooooo happy to be out for two weeks!! Yay for Christmas break!

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