Friday, December 23, 2011

Class pets

One of Colton's teachers texted me the morning of the Christmas party asking if I would be willing to pet sit the class pets for one week of the break. Her class has two guinea pigs and one hamster. I am not a fan of rodent type pets but I figured why not. I knew my boys, especially Colton, would be ecstatic! They were. We brought the three furry friends home on Friday after school and they got tons of attention for the week. My boys woke up eager to get them out of the their cage every morning and spent lots of the day feeding them veggies and holding them.
Colton holding Squeakers

Cooper holding Snowball
 Carter wasn't so sure of the little critters. He did giggle at them a bunch and liked to feed them celery. He would also sit by the big boys while they held them but he wasn't all that interested in holding them himself. We did finally manage to get a picture of him with one in his lap. His smile says it all!!
You can tell Colton is making him pet him. 

My boys loved having the furry house guests. I enjoyed seeing them take such good care of them but one week was long enough for me. =)

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