Monday, December 17, 2012

He called!

Every year we are so lucky and Santa makes a special call to my boys! The big guy called last week and I had some super excited boys! (If you have never done this, you should check it Carter and Cooper were beside themselves with excitement! Colton was great and played sad when they know the secret. Anyway, Santa praised all three of them about some of their accomplishments this year.
He praised Carter for no longer needing diapers (We got rid of those in September) and that Santa had heard that Carter knew a new prayer. Carter was excited to sing it for him. 
He talked to Cooper about shooting his first big buck and I think Santa is a hunter too. He even joked with Cooper about not shooting the reindeer. He also talked to Cooper about how he has become a great reader! 
Santa told Colton he was so proud of how good he is doing in 4th grade and working so hard on all of his projects. Also, he praised him for mastering multiplication and division. 
Of course, Santa talked to them about ways to stay on the nice list and about what they wanted him to bring them. 
Carter and Cooper were just beaming as they talked to Santa. It was hard to take turns. =) I can't wait to get the recording, it is going to be so cute! 

One of my favorites from our Santa pics


April said...

That is so cool! So is it like a live Santa on the phone? I will have to remember this for next year. I am not sure Jonah would stay on the phone to talk this year. LOL

April Westerhold said...

Thanks for posting this. I did it last year after you posted, too. LOL