Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Mile

Colton has been enjoying swim team again this summer. He loves the water and I love that it keeps him healthy and in good shape. Each summer the team is challenged to swim a mile...NON-STOP! That is 66 laps across the pool without stopping or touching the bottom of the pool. He did it last year and got a shirt and a trophy. The catch this year is that in order to get a trophy you have to beat your past time. Anyway, a few weeks ago he was ready and he did AWESOME! He swam his heart out and completed his non-stop mile in 47 minutes. That was 8 minutes faster than last year! As his Opi said, "He chain sawed that time off!" =)

At the Dolphins swim team banquet yesterday,  he got his well-deserved trophy and t-shirt. SOOOO proud of my boy and all of his hard work!! 

Colton and his buddy Hayden

Landa Park Dolphins Motto:
Better today than yesterday! Better tomorrow than today! 

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