Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Last summer getaway--Beach fun

As I mentioned in the post before this, we had one last little summer getaway to the coast last weekend. On Saturday morning the big boys went fishing with Cody and my Dad. They had fun but the fish weren't biting much. Carter, my mom and I just laid around. Carter even took a morning nap which hasn't happened since he was about six months old. =) When the fishermen got back, we headed to the pool and swam for hours. My brother's family met us there. They boys had so much fun! Then we napped before having a delicious meal at La Playa and then we stopped by my brother's neat condo. (Oddly-no pictures from our Saturday at all.)
Sunday, we got up and headed to the beach. The water so clear(rare on the Texas coast). The five of us had such a great time!

Once again, this is mostly what we saw of Colton. He was extra-loving swimming and looking through his goggles. He said fish were swimming right by his face. It kind of "freaked him out" but he loved it! 
Most of what we saw of him=)

While I was on the beach with these two cuties,

I looked out and saw this....

My handsome hubby having a great chat with our oldest love in the ocean. Loved it!!!

Some sweet person walked by and asked if we wanted a family picture. I never pass that up. My hubby laughed because I am always the one asking people if I can take a picture for them. 

Then Cooper really wanted to be buried in the sand. So the digging started.

More help arrived. 

Cooper laughed and laughed. He loved it. 

 Of course this followed. =)

Yet another nice stranger offered to take our picture. =)

                              Next they wanted to bury their awesome Daddy.

The boys did some decorating. Later, they gave him a beer belly and then a six pack. =) 

My loves!!! 
I was feeling blessed and wishin' summer was longer! 

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Kerry said...

You snapped some beautiful pictures of all the precious men in your life Melanie and the family photos are gorgeous, definitely worth framing!
You have a lovey family with sweet boys and it is so nice to see that you all enjoyed one last weekend of Summer together xo