Friday, August 2, 2013

Not a great Mom moment

Today was one of those days I would like to start again. I set out with my three little guys to get some school shopping done. I have done most of it online but I needed them to try on jeans. SO we headed to Old Navy. Midway through our shopping trip, I had to take time for a small lecture on not being on the basket because it wasn't made to hold more than one of them, etc, etc...
We then spent time in the dressing room figuring out what jeans to buy and had our cart all loaded done with some good finds. Then, right before we were gonna head to the register, I stopped and had Colton try a shirt on over his shirt. Although, I was maybe a foot away, down went our basket. Cooper had gotten on one side of it and then Carter got partially on that side and it tumbled. Cooper fell flat on his side hitting his head and then the cart followed hitting the other side of his head. Carter landed on the cart, squishing Cooper even more. As I was pulling the cart off of Cooper and starting the "this is why, I just explained that to you..." speech, I realized Cooper was very hurt. He was grabbing both sides of his head and crying so hard. It was a different cry though. He couldn't hold himself up, was rolling his eyes oddly, couldn't talk to me--just out of it. I picked Cooper up, grabbed my purse, and told Colton to grab Carter's hand--thankfully, he was fine. We deserted our full cart and headed to the car. Cooper was rolling his head back and just totally disoriented. He had calmed down a bit but was just moaning. I went to the nearest clinic and asked them if I should be there or go to and ER. They suggested to go on to the ER. 
So we did. Cooper was evaluated. He was calmer now but still choosing not to walk, barely answering questions and still had this confused and scared look in his eyes. They ordered a CT scan and we waited. Luckily, my mom, hubby and Dad had arrived as back up by now. 
When they were taking us back for the Ct scan, Cooper started to cry and ask what we were doing and if it would hurt. We told him it wouldn't, they just needed to check his head. With this scared and confused look on his face he said, " What happened to my head?" He had no memory of the fall! Crazy!! 
Anyway, we got the scan and waited in a room where he Cooper asleep. Totally out of character for him.
My poor baby! 

 Then he woke and threw up everywhere. Of course, that made it even more clear that he had suffered a concussion so he was observed for a while longer. After about 4 hours, we were discharged. 

Although he can't remember the fall or even what he ate for breakfast, he is going to be just fine. This evening, he still has a headache but Motrin is keeping it controlled. We just have to watch him closely for a day or two. Thank the GOOD LORD the CT scan was clear and he is home and resting!!! 


*Colton was a huge help. He was worried sick but helped me get Carter out of the store, into the car, out of the car, into the clinic and into the ER. He was like a little Daddy to Carter while I dealt with Cooper. It was so scary. Hope it didn't scar him for life. 
*I never saw any Old Navy employees. 
*A random lady witnessed this and just stood off and said nothing, kind of starred. 
*Pretty sure my next ON trip will be alone. =) 

I sure hope this is true...


April said...

Oh goodness how scary! So glad he is going to be ok. I know you are just thankful he is alright but I am sure all of them learned the lesson. Kids do stuff all the time like that and most are just lucky they don't get hurt. Bless your Mama heart!

Angie said...

Thank God he's going to be alright. How scary that must have been. It's weird how store employees are. My grandma fell and broke her hip at Peeble's the other day and they couldn't even call an ambulance for her (or so they said). They also said they weren't allowed to touch her. On my way to see her before surgery yesterday, a lady at our local Rite Aid fell and busted her face and knee all up. We called an ambulance for her but do you know that the store employees walked over and looked at her but never even asked if she was okay. It wasn't till the ambulance arrived that they actually spoke to her and got her name and number.

What happened to plain old compassion for others?

Brandi said...

Catching up on your blog and your boys are huge!!!!! Sad how time just flies by!!!!

Amanda M. said...

Wow ~ such similar stories! It's so scary when they can't remember anything. I hope that Cooper is feeling better by now! AND YOU ARE A GREAT MOM!! Not your fault at all. As I've been told over and over, "Boys will be boys!" (: