Sunday, August 11, 2013

Tumor be gone!

Luckily, it is!
Let me back up...
In December, my father in law had gone in for a heart catheterization to make sure he didn't have any blockage so he could have an upcoming ankle surgery. They ended up having to put a stint in to clear a large blockage. Well, while he was in the recovery room from that procedure, he started having some double vision so they did a ct scan because they thought he had a mini stroke. That ct scan found this...
...a brain tumor. They believed it was benign and luckily he hadn't had any symptoms from it but it needed to come out. Unfortunately, that would have to wait because now he had a new stint and you cannot get off of the medicine for that for at least six months. 
That brings me to now. He was able to have the surgery on Monday. We were all very nervous but the surgery went GREAT! During the three hour procedure, they got all of the tumor and the biopsy results show NO cancer!!! Praise GOD!!!! He also had no after affects from the surgery! Big prayers answered! 
He was released from the hospital on Thursday night and is happy to be home! He has lots of staples that form a headband on top of his head and a titanium plate but is doing so well!! 
So thankful for wonderful doctors, a mighty God and lots of prayer warriors! 
My boys made this banner and we went to greet him at home as soon as he got there! 

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