Friday, August 23, 2013


This is our last week of summer so we have been squeezing in tons of fun. Monday, we met a group of friends to get our skate on. I have taken the big boys skating before but this was Carter's first time to try it. He thought he was going to love it...until he had to get up on the skates. He wasn't a fan. I did get him out in the rink with the help of the "skate mate" but he was eager to get back to sit down. He did start to enjoy skating on the carpet and  right about when we were about to leave, he was ready to go try. Hopefully, next time he will be excited. The big boys did great and had fun. Colton needed a little time to warm up but then he was good to go. Cooper started with the help of the "skate mate" but before long he was off on his own.The he was the last kid to get off the rink. He kept telling me that he loved roller skating the whole way home. So happy such a fun group got to spend the morning together. Looking forward to going back soon.

Sweet biggest brother loving on Carter

Colton and Hannah

Cooper and Brooke

Carter and Gracie

Carson and Coops

Reagan and Morgan

That evening, we went to the movies. The big boys had wanted to see Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters(Colton had read the book). So Cody watched it with them and they all loved it. Since it was a little to scary for Carter, he and I saw Despicable Me 2 again. It was even cuter the second time. 

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