Monday, August 12, 2013

Water park Daredevils

We went to Schlitterbahn last week and met some great friends there.
Last summer Colton, Hannah, Lynn and I all rode the Skycoaster! (Super high ride that pulls you way up and then drops you way down.)  Colton has been waiting for his chance to ride it again. This time Lynn and I just let Hannah and Colton ride it twice and we watched. Love that they are fearless and had so much fun!

Here is a little video of them dropping. Not the best because it happens so fast!

We spent about 6 hours having fun and wearing ourselves out! Loved meeting our sweet friends there!  

Brooke, Gracie, Carly, Carter and Cooper

Colton, Carter, Cooper, Amanda, Hannah, Gracie, Brooke and Carly

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