Saturday, May 21, 2011

1 down, 2 to go!

Yesterday, Colton's team won their first game of the playoffs. They played a great game and beat the D'Backs 7-3. It is so much fun to watch this age play ball. They are all really starting to have a good grasp on the game but they are still not too competitive. It is 95% about fun and 5% about winning. We play again Monday, if they win that one they will only have to win one more to be the Pee Wee City Champs. Goooo Yankees!

My Mama and me with our Colton buttons on--we've got spirit!!

Colton up to bat

Our team ~~Colton is the smaller #11. (for some reason there are two?)
Colton getting a congratulatory hug from Papa(my daddy)
Two of Colton's biggest  fans~~Mammy & Papa
Us with our boy--so proud of him!


Veronika said...

First playoff win! Hooray! How exciting :)
I can't wait for my oldest to start sports soon!

Hillary said...

How exciting! Tell Colton Congratulations from us!!

Love ya and had a great time with ya'll yesterday!

Impulsive Addict said...

Hi Melanie! What a cute blog!

How cute! I love that they won the game! I bet three boys keeps you busy, busy, busy! Cute pic of three of you.