Saturday, May 14, 2011

Field Trip

On Thursday afternoon, Colton says to me "Mama don't you wish that we could fast forward to tomorrow so you and me can go on my field trip." I love that he wants me to go with him and is excited to have me there. Anyway, yesterday was so much fun! It was Colton's last field trip in second grade. It was to Aquarena Springs. The kids had a blast. We got a detailed tour through the aquarium, took a ride in a glass bottom boat and the kids did a science experiment with the pond water. Then we had a picnic lunch and they headed back to school. I love being able to be everywhere Colton wants me to be. I really love that he still grabbed my hand as we walked along and hugged me randomly throughout the day. He is not "too old" for that yet---thank the Lord!! Here are lots of pictures from our fun day!
The tour guide giving the kiddos a lesson in the aquarium

Colton with some of his buddies--Alex, Trenton and Luke

The class on the glass bottom boat

Colton looking down into the water on the boat ride

A fish spotted in the bottom of the boat

Looking into the water on the "boardwalk"

The Talapia we spotted

Colton and his buddy Luke

Colton and his group for the experiment

Colton inspecting what they found in the pond

My boy

Colton with Mrs. C

Colton and Graham

My boy and I(excuse that I look pretty worn out--this was the end of the day)


Anonymous said...

I LOVED going there as a kid!! I thought those glass bottom boats were the BEST!! Fun that you get to take these field trips with your little man!

Jami Jones said...

Your pictures are great! Being a mom is the best thing! Looks like y'all had lots of fun!

Melanee said...

thanks for stopping by my blog! your boys are cuties and i'm praying for your sil

Katie said...

Melanie ~
This is so sweet. You give me a glimpse of doing this with my boys one day! You are such a great mom.