Friday, May 27, 2011

Farewell 2nd grade

Colton is no longer a second grader. He had a fun end of the year party on Thursday and I of course I loved being there. They had started morning with their own Olympics that included a Spelling bee, Math Bee, Jump rope off, Shoot off and a Hula hoop off.  Then they each got to do spin art and ate pizza. They had a ton of fun.
Colton with Luke--Best Buds
Aren't they funny?

Colton and Mrs. Crosland~ we all love her!!
After that one of the fabulous dad's, Steve Hogue, who used to be a circus clown, performed a few of his old tricks. He even talked the kids through the tips on how they could practice to do them themselves. The kids loved it!

He balanced and juggled these cigar boxes~impressive!

 They ended the day with popsicles and time to chat with their buddies.

Michael, Luke, Colton and Andrew
Today was the last day of school. The kids got to play games and hang out. The teacher had her own private awards ceremony with her class. Colton came home with a fabulous report card(all A's for the year) and the award for being Most Creative and Most Considerate in his class! SO proud of my 2nd grader!!!! Oh wait, he is now officially a 3rd grader!

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