Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Happy Wednesday everyone!! I always look so forward to linking up with Jaime for

I am loving that I am having  my first giveaway! It is a good one so go get your chance to win these two great Scentsy products! =)

I am loving that we are headed to the lake this weekend for Cody's work picnic. We get to take the boys fishing, swimming and meet Cody's coworkers. They are putting a group of us up in their lake house on Friday night. It should be fun!!

I love that on Sunday it will be all about Mom's. =) I love being a Mama and I have the world's greatest mom so it is so much fun to celebrate. My boys always spoil me. I will be hosting lunch for our families here after church so it will be a great day!!

I am loving Colton's 2nd grade teacher, Mrs. Crosland!  This is teacher appreciation week and we definitely appreciate her!! He is doing amazing in 2nd grade, learning a ton, loves school and is having fun! She is fabulous!!!
Colton and Mrs. C

Lastly, I love this little early Mother's day gift that I got for myself the other day...

Believe it or not, most days I do feel like I am "living the minivan dream".

Have a great day!!!


Jami Jones said...

That cup is super cute! I love scentsy products, they are in every room in my house. Have a great week!

Hillary said...

I love that cup! How cute of an early mother's day gift to yourself!

Kit said...

Those are great thing s to be loving today!!! I love Scentsy!

Chelley N said...

Your family is so beautiful! Happy Wednesday!

KSK said...

HA! I love that cup! So funny :)

Nancy StylenDecorDeals said...

Very cute mug! Cute blog too!

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