Monday, May 23, 2011

Awana Grand Prix

Yesterday was the Awana Grand Prix so the boys got the kit to make cars to enter in the race. It was a really neat deal. The boys got very excited about their cars and decorating them. Cody and my dad got the cars cut out the way they needed to be and the boys got to paint/decorate them. Colton's car, #7, was red with shark stickers on it. He called it the Shark cruiser. Cooper's car, #6, was camoed out with hunting stickers on it.

We didn't do so hot in the speed department but Cooper got a second place trophy for design. So happy!! They both got ribbons for being participants. (I should add that Cooper's group had about 10 entries and Colton's had about 20 entries.)

Colton and Cooper with our good buddy Carson
We all had fun! Since this was our first experience with this, we learned a lot about what to do and not to do. As Colton says, " we have tips to use for next year."

Added this one to show how the track works.

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Hillary said...

Those races are always so much fun! Graham always loved doing the Cub Scouts ones.

Glad ya'll had such a great time!