Tuesday, October 11, 2011


I love coffee.  So does Cooper. Sometimes, I will give him half of mine. I make mine with lots of flavored creamer and sweet-n-low so it is pretty yummy. Recently, Carter wanted to try some too. It was so funny because he wanted to like it so bad but his face told a little bit different story....

SO funny!

He was forcing a, "mmmmmm..."

Cooper loves it.I think it makes him feel big to drink it. =)

Have a great day!!

Now, I have to share my latest annoyance. I had several posts all planned out and just needed to download the pictures so I could post them. Well, when I went to download the pictures Sunday, the SD card I had been using lately was gone. I know I took it out of my camera but I was certain I set it on my desk. Well-I can't find it anywhere. Sooo sad! I had 1200 pictures on that card. (yes- some of them are already blogged or saved elsewhere but not the most recent ones.) We had gone to a local pumpkin patch with the cousins and I had gotten some super cute pictures. Well, they are gone. I also had some fun ones from this weekend. =( I am still holding out hope that even though I have looked everywhere, that card will just show up. Cross your fingers! =)

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Hillary said...

Grady and I both join you guys in your love of coffee!

I hope your card turns up soon!!