Thursday, October 13, 2011

A trip to the patch

We made a trip to the Bracken Pumpkin Patch with Cody's side of the family and got some great pictures! They boys had so much fun running around and picking out their pumpkins.

 Carter and my nephew Grady were working so hard moving those pumpkins around. They loved loading their wagons!

 Taking a break after all that hard work!

Just plain cuteness!!!

Last year I could barely get Carter to look at me when we went to the pumpkin patch much less smile. This year he was so happy and everytime he got near a pumpkin he struck a sweet, smiling pose. Makes a Mama so happy !

Colton thought this pumpkin was so odd and funny. Love this silly shot he gave me. =)

My boys--love them so!

 Of course we did a quick barrel train ride.

Here is the group shot of all the grand kids with Omi and Opi!

 Then we came home and this is how we decorated our precious picks! No we didn't carve them but it was so early in October that we wanted them to last a while. These cute characters made the boys happy!

Carter was so happy with his Buzz pumpkin that he visited him on the front porch several times a day!

I love the fall!!


Hillary said...

Such cute pictures of the boys! I love them all soo much!


April Westerhold said...

Love the pics. I love Pumpkin Patch pictures with the fall colors. Their outfits are super cute. I've never seen those pumpkin decorating things before. Great idea so they don't rot too fast.