Sunday, October 30, 2011

Colton's 1st Buck

My hubby is one proud Daddy! He took the boys hunting this weekend and Colton shot his first buck! It is an 8 pointer and a big ol' boy. Colton was so excited!! He said, "It fell right in it's tracks." In other words, he made a great shot! Way to go Colty!

Colton, Opi, Cody and Cooper
 As soon as the guys got home, we called my Dad. He was waiting eagerly to come see Colton and congratulate him!
Beaming with Papa
 I love this last picture and I really love that my hubby thought to take it!! It is of Colton talking to me on the phone when he called to tell me his big news. I love the sweet smile on his face!
So proud of my boy!!

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Hillary said...

What a beautiful buck! We were all super excited to see the pictures of it and Graham was really excited for Colton!