Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Animal Kingdom

The whole gang!

Just us five
We headed to Animal Kingdom and started our day at Donald's Safari Breakfast. The buffet was delicious and we got to meet lots of our favorite characters.

We loved the Safari ride we took.

Then we went to the Lion King show. It was fabulous!! The best part was that Cooper and my nephew Landon got to be part of the show. They were given little shakers and went around the auditorium dancing and making their music. It was so cute!! 

That evening we headed to Downtown Disney for dinner at the T-Rex restaurant. It was such a fun place.

Once we finished our yummy meal, we strolled and shopped around Downtown Disney. It looked so pretty but it was very crowded. 
My boys love Mr. Potato Head. They will play with it for hours. The store there has such a fun setup. You can buy all the  parts, ones you can't get in normal stores, and fill a box for $20 bucks. Loved it!
The Lego store there is insane. There are shelves and shelves of Legos in every theme and color. There were so many cool, large displays built out of Legos and you walked around inside and outside of the store. The boys couldn't get over how long it must take and how many pieces you must need to make them. Of course, I had to capture their photo by some of our favorites.  

Lego Buzz

We had a great long day! We enjoyed every minute of our time spent at Animal Kingdom and Downtown Disney! 

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