Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am feeling so blessed and I know that I have the good Lord above to thank for it!

There are so many times when I am out and about with my three handsome and energetic boys and  someone will say, "Wow you have your hands full!" or "I bet they keep you busy!" I like to say, "Yep-I am busy but so blessed!"
Saw this on Pinterest and it is exactly how I feel...

Anyway, we had a wonderful day! We headed to my parents first thing this morning for breakfast(fabulous tacos that my Dad makes) and we watched the Macy's parade. That is something my Dad and I always did when I was growing up and I love continuing that tradition with my boys. Even though most of the time when I look around, it is just my Dad and I left in front of the TV. =) Then we napped there and had a yummy dinner that my Mom fixed. My brother and his crew came and of course the cousins had a blast just being together.
My nephew Landon with my boys playing out in the woods and my parents. =) My nephew Luke isn't in this picture because we were still working to find one more flashlight. =(
Colton playing with my niece Livvy as she watched from inside. (It was getting a little chilly.)

 I feel so lucky to have be so close to my family in relationship and location. =)
We will have another Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday with Cody's family and it will be another wonderful day.
Check out my little heart fillers with the simple but cute turkey treats I made that I also found on Pinterest...

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

 I have to share a extra little thing I am thankful hubby,the obsessed avid hunter, would have ordinarily left late tonight or super early in the morning to go hunting for the weekend. But he agreed so sweetly to stay around until lunch tomorrow so we can take our family pictures in the morning. He hasn't even complained about it. Does he love me or what?

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