Tuesday, November 15, 2011

So sweet

Just because I want to remember this...
The other night Carter was playing with our Buzz Lightyear bath toy. When he got out of the bath and was dressed, he went back and got Buzz out of the bathtub and went straight to his brother's room to find the larger Buzz. Then he had the little Buzz give the big Buzz a kiss. Then he said "he kiss Daddy." Then he had to find a little and big Woody and do the same thing. Isn't that precious?!?! I love that he knows that his Daddy loves him and that he has a Daddy that shows him lots of love and affection!! Too Cute!

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KERRY said...

That is adorable Melanie, a great memory!! Although when he's older, Buzz will probably be kissing Barbie!! Although, with 3 boys, you may not have to worry about that :)