Monday, June 11, 2012

Bachelorette party fun

Our good friends Brad and Lexi are getting married on July 6.
Aren't they adorable? 

 Cody is honored to be an usher in the wedding. We have been enjoying all of the fun activities surrounding the wedding and there are few more fun things still to come before the big day. This Saturday was Lexi's bachelorette party. Melissa and I drove to Austin on Saturday  to meet up with the rest of the ladies for brunch.

Then we spent a little time by the pool and relaxing in our nice room at the W. 
The beautiful bride-to-be 

That evening, we had a fun dinner and lingerie shower for Lexi before we went out on the town. =) We hit a few places but spent the most time at a club we could dance at. We burned some serious calories on that dance floor from about 11:30-2:00 am. 
The group before we headed to dinner
Hate that this is so blurry but the bell hop was juggling several cameras=)

Me, Melissa and Laci

Me, Melissa, Laci and Jaclyn

Me, Melissa and Kassi in our bike taxi

Jaclyn, Laci and Me in yet another bike taxi
A little blurry but you can tell we were having fun! 

Laci and I are even crazier. We sat on our balcony talking til 5:00 am. Love those late night chats! We were up and moving by 9. I think our mommy hood helps us keep moving. =) After a yummy breakfast with the whole group, we headed home. We had a great time but I was so happy to see my boys!!

**Have to mention my wonderful hubby! He was at Colton's swim meet all morning yesterday wrangling all three boys, then he took them swimming for a while. Then they got up this morning and made it to church. He is such a good Daddy!! Nothing like coming home to him and our three little men. =) =) 


Elisabeth @ La Vita e Bella said...

looks like so much fuN!

Hillary said...

LOVE the top, shorts, and shoes!! They look so fun and perfect! Glad you had such a fun getaway!