Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Colton is a Dolphin

I should have done this post a while back but it is okay to catch up now. 

This summer we decided to sign Colton up for a swim team in New Braunfels. He tried out at the beginning of May and became a Landa Park Dolphin. He goes to practice three times a week(most weeks) and has had two swim meets so far. It is so nice because this team is very laid back and there is no pressure. The goal is to practice three times a week but they understand that life and summer get busy. The meets are optional too. All are encouraged but none mandatory. That is what we need with the fun of summer and the business of having three kiddos. 
Anyway, the first meet was in May and more of a practice meet to "get your feet wet." The whole motto of this team to be better than your last time, not so much about beating others but bettering yourself. Love the postivity that builds!! Before the first meet, the kids were asked to write the word can't on a piece of paper as many times as they could. Then to start the meet, everyone crumbled their paper up and threw it in a barrel. Then all the can'ts were burned. Now the swimmers are no longer allowed to use the word can't, only can do! Love that!!
Here are some of the swimmers watching their can'ts being lit. (Colton is  on the right in the blue goggles)

Anyway, the meet went well and it was a learning experience for sure. We got to see how the whole process works. Colton competed in the freestyle and backstroke. He did great! 

The second meet was very different. Several teams were there so there were a LOT of swimmers. Colton competed in the freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke(his favorite). He beat his times from the last meet and that is the goal. Yay Colton!!  He has a meet coming up on the 30th and he is looking forward to it!! We all are! 

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Angie said...

Too bad all sports don't promote that kind of positivity. My teenage daughter is a cheerleader and it is a ridiculously competitive sport. Love little man's pics and love love love that they are flexible with their scheduling.