Sunday, June 3, 2012


We went to my nephew Grady's 4th birthday party yesterday and had so much fun! It was at a local transportation museum--the birthday boy loves trains!! The boys got to roam through antique trains, take a short train ride, check out antique cars and see lots of model trains. Very cool. Here are some pictures from the fun...
The birthday boy--love his cute train shirt!!

My boys--they make me so happy!!

Carter loved turning these. He kept saying  it was where water would come out. =)

Colton and Graham--don't they look so big?

Couldn't resist getting my six year old's picture here. =)

Delicious cupcakes!

Seriously--how adorable is my nephew Griffin??

Happy birthday Grady Tucker!! Love you so! 


Hillary said...

Awww, what a sweet post! We were so glad to have ya'll all there with us to celebrate! Thanks for the pictures you sent too. They are beyond great!


Natalie said...

My son would have loved that! The boys looked like they had so much fun!

KERRY said...

You always take the nicest pics of all the boys Melanie, they're all so cute together!! And oh my gosh little Griffin is growing!! He's simply precious xo