Tuesday, June 12, 2012

No More Paci Party

Well, yeaterday was the day I finally decided to get rid of Carter's pacis. He is somewhat of an addict and the dentist told us to make our goal to be done with it by age 3. Since that is just 14 days away(enter sobbing noise here), we had to do it. =(  Anyway, the big boys and I decided to make it a "no more paci party" for Carter. Carter brought me all of his pacis and put them in a baggie.

This is video we sent Cody at work... 

Then we headed to Toys 'R' Us so he could pick out a toy. He took one last suck of his paci in the car and we headed in. He made a great choice pretty quickly and was set on the Jake and the Neverland Pirates Ship. SO, he "paid" the clerk with his bag'o'pacis and got his reward.

The last suck =)

He made a good choice!

I was so worried about nap time and bedtime. I was picturing some tears. To my surprise Carter did great!! He did say, " Mama, that guy keep my pacis that I want?" I think the fact that he gave them to the clerk made him understand that they were gone. And at least he gave them away, not me. He took the little pirates from his new toy with him to bed and at one point when I went to check on him, he was sucking on one of their heads. He told me, " I need my paci." Anyway, he took a while to fall asleep but he did it without any tears. He did wake up from his nap a little grouchy and saying he wanted his paci, but he got over it quickly. 
Then at bedtime, he never even asked for his paci, he just laid down and burrowed in his Pooh Bears. He also took a while to fall asleep but once he did he never made another peep. He slept uninterrupted from about 9:00pm til 8:00 am. He has not mentioned the paci at all today. Such a surprise to me because I was prepared for several rough days. I am so proud of him. Such a big boy!! 

I have to mention this. The night before the "No more paci party", I was asking Carter if he was gonna be a big boy and get rid of his paci. He said, " But my paci's so cute!" We cracked up! 


April said...

WOW!!! What a big boy and doing so good! We have the paci at nap and bedtime still (at 23 months). I want to get rid of it but I'm obviously not too worried about it. My little guy cannot say hardly anything yet (especially not sentences). Do you think they "get" getting rid of it more by the time they are 3? Any advice welcome!!

Anonymous said...

Awh, I'm kind of relieved Zaiden isn't a paci fan. He used it for a while but not regularly. Now he never used it unless he is throwing it. My mon said I was a big paci baby and I was hard to break, thankfully I won't have to go through that with zaiden. Glad things went well. I think him giving the clerk the pacis helped him understand it more, and he made a good choice with the pirate ship.

Natalie said...

Awww what a big boy!